Battleheart Legacy

Battleheart Legacy


By: Mika Mobile


It’s no secret that I have become a fan of Mika Mobile. I’ve own most of the games they created. This has got to be my favorite of them all. Battleheart Legacy strength lies in the ability to build a character of your choice. You can choose to become the type of class you want to be by focusing on strengthening the base state of that class. For example; if you want to be a shield carrying tank you would focus stats on Endurance and Strength or you can be become a powerful mage by focusing on stats with Intelligent, the choice is yours. The freedom to build your hero the way you like to base on your style of gameplay. Battleheart Legacy put you on a fantasy realm allowing you free roam of the map. Not much is said about the history of the land or is people but it surely is a land full of strange beast and thieves alike. Your goal was to retrieve 4 Crystal around the map and give it to the Kingdom’s King. Theirs not much of a story to this game and I think that isn’t the primary focus either. I think Mika Mobile enjoys making fighting games and beat em up action type.


The game graphics looks great but when view on a higher resolution device you can tell that there are improvement that can be done, but it was made way before high resolution device ever existed so I can’t blame them for that. The main issue for me is I can’t stop focusing on the environment and the characters. It looked like it was not made by the people with the same vision. It’s like mixing realism and cartoon in one and that usually doesn’t work to well in games. It either be life like or cartoon I’ve yet to play a game implement both style successfully.


The game play is on point, the freedom to create and explore is very appealing to most gamers. The lack of storyline however have suffer a big hit for the game. It would have been nice to know the story behind the landscape, kingdom and their inhabitant. The lack of direction and quest is very limited. It started out good and it quickly went nonexistence after a few level. The shops will not sell you the items you’re looking for but instead tries to sell you items base on your stats. I found myself in situation where a weapon that I wanted was up for purchase and I didn’t have enough gold. Disappointed that as I was, I had to go farm for a few hours only to see another set of items for sale and the one I was farming gold to buy no longer became available.

FUN 4.0

Battleheart Legacy is fun to play if you like medieval environment and settings. The abilities and animation makes it that much more fun. The ability to stun, knockdown, slow your opponent adds great strategy to the battle system but making the boss completely immune to these stats is kind of mute.


The control by far is probably the only detrimental to the game. It is extremely annoying to tap on an enemy and have your character just stands there and look at it. If you choose any range class however you wouldn’t notice it but for melee class, it would be easier to equipped a skill that either teleport to location or hop to it. It would have made much more sense to have the character move toward your opponents instead.


Battleheart Legacy is beautiful and flashy. Even when the game screen is filled with particles the game function fairly smooth. The best place to stress test your device is in the Coliseum where every monster in the game through things at you.


Battleheart Legacy sound is great. In most games I’ve played sound usually scored the best. It’s nice to hear all the clicks and clack, swoosh and swashes of every sword swing. It keeps the mind engaged.


I still love to play Battleheart Legacy. I’ve probably beat the game 3 or 4 times. Despite the overall score Battleheart Legacy still is one of my most favorite games to play. You don’t even need internet connection to play the game and over time these types of game becomes much rarer to find on a mobile device. Pick up Battleheart Legacy you won’t regret it.