Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises


By: Nexon Company


It’s time for another review and this time it’s going to be an online MMO called Darkness Rises. It’s a free to play with live action combat meaning your dodge, blocks and attack has to be timed to effectively deflect, dodge and lay punishing blow to your opponent. There’s so much to do in this game and each log in per day will keep you logged in for hours. I enjoy the fast pace action combat in this game and are very impress with the graphics quality with this game. Do you enjoy PVP with other players? Get this game, its fun, it’s exciting and most of the repetitive mundane stuff like leveling isn’t a big deal because you can literally let the game itself plays for you.


The game is amazingly beautiful even on mobile device. The character details, armor and enemies are very impressive looking. You will need a high end mobile device to play this game in utter smoothness.


The gameplay is great! How many mmo out there that has a built in bot to do all the grinding for you? Not many but you can literally let this game play on its own and come back in an hour to dump your inventory and send it back running again. After playing for several hours I began to find myself stuck being force to make purchases. There are limits of things you can do per day; for example: If you want to play team PVP you can only play for 20 matches, though that seems plenty for some that is extremely annoying feature for the hardcore. If you want to play more matches you are force to use precious in game currency called diamonds just to play more matches but if you play this game often diamonds are pretty easy to come by for free.

FUN 5.0

Darkness Rising is extremely fun! I enjoy the game so much that I had to keep playing the PVP matches. Even fighting with the computer PVP is extremely challenging and offer good practice when your ready to duke it out with other players. I especially like the team PVP matches, no other game out there that force me to be on my wits end to keep me from dying. If you enjoy PVP this game is great for those quick satisfying matches.


The control is standard by most top down mmo but when I perform a move it does it and where I want it to go it goes. Control should be as fluid as Darkness Rising and I have no complaints on it’s feature.


I have a very high end mobile device called the Razor Phone from Razor. It’s a phone made for gamers and like most games I’ve played on it is fluid and looks great. Although at long period of play I start to notice a degradation in framerate. After the second hour I would have to exit the game and relaunch it to dump any leaking memory to clear and it was back to great performance again until the next two hours.


The sound is by far is great though I have detected some creature and especially bosses should have sound fx apply to it. Since this game is just release I’ll be more lenant but I don’t expect it to be fix since the time you spent fighting creatures is obliterate them is like 0.5 seconds but the boss and super boss however probably could have been down a lot more.


This has to be my new most favorite game to play on a mobile device. I’ve been playing it every single day and night, during work and before I go to bed. The satisfaction in winning a PVP matches or carrying your team to victory on a team PVP matches has made me keep coming back for more matches after a full day reset. Overall a fun game to play and highly recommend it.