ElDewrito Halo Online 0.6

ElDewrito Halo Online 0.6



ElDewrito Halo Online 0.6 is a free community-driven Halo 3 multiplayer mod using the Halo 3 engine exclusively for Windows PC. The original Halo Online was initially a concurrent project for the Russian market in 2015, but ultimately got cancelled a year later. Initially developed by Saber Interactive and published by Innova Systems, Saber Interactive would then release a statement as of Q3 2016 that they were no longer working with Microsoft, canceling the project entirely and thus allowing the community to innovate with ElDewrito.

On April 20th 2018, more than 800 players were active online playing the latest Halo Online 0.6 update, finally reliving the dream as Master Chief online since the Microsoft Xbox 360 release of Halo 3 in 2007. Because of the abrupt mass publicity of this mod reaching international internet acclaim, Microsoft Studios has since released a legal statement indicating possible legal action for the ElDewrito staff and its content creators. Livestreamers on Youtube and Twitch have been reportedly banned and the official download link by ElDewrito to the Halo Online 0.6 mod has since been removed online, but can be found hosted on third-party servers elsewhere.

With this new 0.6 update, it has transformed the multiplayer online gameplay experience entirely with UPnP router support (no more port-forwarding!), Official Ranked and Social Servers with voting and vetoing system, Forge Map Editor support, plus many more!


Because the game is utilizing assets from the original Halo 3, the game still looks up-to-date when ported to PC in today’s generation of combat shooters. The developers also have modeled additional weapons, animations and combat techniques from Halo 4 for a hybrid Halo Online experience. Players can also apply advanced PC graphic settings because of the Windows port including windowed mode, anti-aliasing, high video quality, etc.


With the new input controller binding, players can play Halo Online with the Keyboard/Mouse combo or a compatible gamepad controller. Using the original wired Xbox 360 USB controller, it almost feels like playing Halo 3 back in 2007 (minus the Campaign mode and Achievement hoarding). Multiplayer PvP is competitive, but very difficult to come across hardcore servers due to many Infection/Zombie variation servers and Fiesta/Random weapons servers.

FUN 4.7

ElDewrito Halo Online 0.6 is really fun and I am really grateful the community has made the PC port a success by enabling FREE Dedicated Social and Ranked Multiplayer servers for all to enjoy. The nostalgic feeling of playing a mashup between Halo 3 and Halo CE is what restored the fandom to recreate short films, montages, and even more mods.


Being able to play a Halo 3 port onto PC with the option to play with Halo 3 control schemes on the original Xbox 360 controller is simply amazing. Although players may have the fast-reaction time and advantage with the keyboard and mouse combo, that isn’t always the case considering the default sensitivity on the mouse has a tremendous effect on the reticle.


No more Red Rings of Death. Play seamlessly with minimum specifications as low as DirectX 9 and Windows Vista operating systems and above. I haven’t had an issue with performance besides camera issues when adjusting the field-of-view. At times, when you’re juggling flags in CTF or hogging the skull to buy time in Oddball, you can see that the Master Chief’s hand is not fully connected to the armor. This is really minor, but can be fixed manually under the Settings.


The iconic Halo Theme Song makes its return onto PC. The first time we heard this song was back in Halo Combat Evolved on the PC in 2003. Then there was the Halo 2 Vista port by Hired Gun in 2007. Expect to hear the kill streaks, plasma grenade explosions, and overshield pick-ups crisp and clear. It’s time to finish the fight in 2018 in ElDewrito.


This is a magnificent piece of art by the Halo modding community. The finesse in recreating a game from its engine is already daunting as it sounds, but the developers at ElDewrito came-out strong. To have a multiplayer functional prototype within a span of 2-3 years and the attention from Microsoft regarding its potential success – brilliant. Amazing gameplay…a true work of art.