Happy Street

Happy Street


By: Godzilab Inc.

This is a quick review for a game I use to play for a very long time. The unfortunate thing was my original account was locked to an old phone I no longer have access to. In a rainy, stormy weather you can’t help but to feel peace and calm while playing this game. It’s a 2D side scroller where you own a stretch of land and build homes, shops and mini games for your Happy Street dwellers. The title says it all, you can’t help but to feel happy.


Happy Street graphics fit the environment well. The bubbly cartoon animation, the dancing, the overall environment is cute and funny. It’s very pleasing to the eyes and the vibrant of colors is just beautiful. I honestly can’t find any points to deduct from.


While the game is fun for a few minutes, it get extremely boring afterwards simply because all you do next is tap, tap, tap. The idea of relying on your friends is great however because later in the game you have colored gems that you have and your friends may not have giving you the ability to trade with your friends. I honestly think this was a great idea to help friends play together.

FUN 3.0

The game is fun for a few minutes and 5-10 minutes your pretty much stuck with just taping around the screen. This game was design for only a few minutes of gameplay but they don’t restrict you from continue playing if you choose to do so.


The control is pretty standard and basic and has most of the functionalities that you expect with a 2D side scroller.


Happy Street function extremely well, even with older device.


Happy Street sound and music is engaging. I can’t help but to feel happy listening to the music and sound fx.


Happy Street is very well made and polish. If you enjoy a game that doesn’t take to much of your time on the go, Happy Street is it. It doesn’t trap you for more than 10 minutes and if you play for the long run you can definitely see the beauty of your street shop creation.