Accept crypto currency for your games or apps with QTCoreWallets

QTCoreWallets was design for Unity3d developers interested in accepting crypto currencies as their alternative payment method for their apps or games. I’ve love the idea of crypto currency and technology behind it is amazing. I’ve jump right into the Bitcoin train and was so happy with the investment I’ve put in. After learning a lot about Bitcoin and crypto currencies I wondered how cool it would be to be your own boss, build your own game, accept the currency of your choice without bankers to deal with, fraudulent charge back by app users and so on. In my 8 years of experience in creating my own games such as Tower Block Defense, Battle Obesity and Juggle Buddies. I’ve experience lots of painful experience of all type so I decided to take a break from creating games for a while make something I want more of, which is crypto currencies. So I’ve decided to create QTCoreWallets.

What is QTCoreWallets? QTCoreWallets, is a Unity3d plugins that work in conjunction with crypto currencies wallet that are build base on the QT platform. Most popular wallet are build with QT. It all started with Bitcoin Core and every other coins basically fork the wallet code and create one of their own.

What is QTCoreWallets advantage? QTCoreWallets attempt to give you control over your funds. You spent months and years creating your games or app only to have to share it with other companies. QTCoreWallets works best with studios who host their own servers, have their own database etc. It practically eliminate the need to deal with bankers or other financial institution, You still however have to manually convert it to your local currency or hopefully you choose a coin that has world wide adoption.

How to use QTCoreWallets

Getting Started:

  1. Unpack the plugin into your asset folder.
  2. Copy QTCoreCalls.php and EasyBitcoin.php into your server or localhost.
  3. Install a QT Core wallet of your choosen crypto currency or use the one provided in the Vivo Wallet folder
  4. Launch the Wallet and allow it to fully sync with the block chain. Tip: If you install it on an SSD it will be a lot quicker.
  5. Open your wallet config file. For Vivo it is tools > open wallet configuration file.
  6. Add these command:



server=1 #Allow your wallet to become a

serveraddressindex=1 # (See here)

spentindex=1 #(See here)

timestampindex=1 #(See here)

rpcport=12845 #This will different for every wallet and hard coded into the wallet itself.

rpcallowip= #We will only except commands coming from our sever

  1. Save your config file and restart your wallet. Allow it to fully sync. The server setup should be complete from here.
  2. Create a new C# script and add using skaicloudgaming.QT;
  3. Drag QTCoreWallets.cs into an empty gameobject along with your new script. You should be able to make command calls to your wallet from your script. Check the VivoDemo.cs to see how a payment process work.


Every object will be return back as a JObject a json version of Newtonsoft.json library which is also required. You can retrieve the json data by retrieving it from the “data” string of your callback function.

DISCLAIMER: In certain countries crypto currency is known as securities and some countries ban crypto currency completely. When using crypto currency you are using it at your own risk and I take no responsibilities of your actions. You should check your country, state, provinces or local law about crypto currencies. This is a free plugin and you are free to change, add, distribute and remove any code to fit your program needs and is provided in “AS-IS” state. Please consider donating to my crypto currency address if you appreciate the hard work I’ve put in. Thank you.

VIVO: VZQDoPSYegmPvcZSaL7f8wtj4S7VjVL5Qv


BTC: 3PNAypMmrVamDnR7sq73JVpe7Jqdwt8orn