Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3


By: Nekki

Shadow Fight 3 is created by Nekki a fighting game most similar to Street Fighter but with weapons. The ability to disarm, stun and apply critical hits makes this game unique in it’s nature. The AI in this game is intelligent and challenging, I’m truly impress with how they learn to deal with player actions base on their weapons of choice. With a download of over 10,000,000+ just on Google play store alone this has gotten to be Nekki’s most successful product. The story line, the graphics, the game play is truly enjoyable. The ability to master any weapons of your choice also makes this game in a category of it’s own.

Graphics 5.0
The arts and graphics is truly amazing. I don’t know how they are able to packed such high resolution into a mobile device. The environment looks alive the color is vibrant and the armors reacts to environment lighting.

Gameplay 5.0
Nekki has done a tremendously great job at balancing free to play and pay to play features. It doesn’t restrict you from playing as long as you like, provided you have the power to sustain. The video ads placement is both non intrusive and non interfering. You can collect your extra boost by watching a short video ads at the end of a win match. This is tolerable because they give you a choice weather you want an extra boost or not and give you the chance to wine down on a close and difficult battle.

Fun 4.9
The AI is impressively good at reacting to the player’s moves. The ability to know what to do base on the player’s choice of weapon is amazing but 20+ hours into the game you will start to notice a pattern that the AI chooses to do and you can wait it out to counter it’s move. At this point it feels robotic and the natural behavioral diminish once you learn the AI pattern.

Controls 4.8
Shadow Fight 3 control is plague like most game virtual controls. It is to small for people with small screen device and it takes away screen realty space. There’s no option to hide the virtual joystick if you have a blue tooth controller and if you do it wouldn’t function properly. I’ve lost many battles due to unintended moves from the virtual joystick and the unsupported hardware controller hasn’t help either.

Performance 5.0
I have a Razer phone by Razer and expectantly it perform flawless on my device. It’s smooth and responsive with no sign of frame rate drop or hiccups even on extended game play.

Sound 5.0
The music and sound fx is amazing. The sound of heavy weapon falling, tap to the ground and impact against armor is absolutely engaging. The sounds make me feel like I was actually hearing it like I was there.

Overall 4.8
I really enjoy Shadow Fight 3 and I’ve completed all the chapters up to today as of writing this review. I look forward to continue playing it once more chapter are complete. In the meantime there’s random event I could do to get new gear sets and increase my overall stats. Pick up Shadow Fight 3 today and check it out for yourself.