The Enjin Coin And Social Network Gaming

The Enjin Coin And Social Network Gaming


Micro to Macro

As early as 2009, social gaming has pioneered a new era of monetization in the gaming industry with its in-game microtransaction model.

From consumable items in-app purchases, to character skins and extra maps in downloadable content (DLC), Daily-Average-Users and Monthly-Average-Users (DAU, MAU) will continue to become trend as long as developers and publishers supply the demand of branded intellectual property within the player’s scope of gameplay.

Notorious social gaming apps such as Zynga’s Farmville and Godzillab’s Happy Street provides exceptional gameplay value with substantial item consumable in-app purchases of $0.99 (an expense equal to the cost of a bottle of water) for players to thrive throughout their journey twofold.

Fast-forward to nearly a decade later, the advancement of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency introduces new avenues in innovative technology.

Meet Enjin

Enjin is widely known for two integrated products in the information technology industry – The Enjin Network and The Enjin Virtual Goods Platform.

The Enjin Network houses a Content Management System (CMS) and e-Commerce platform for a server website, guild website, clan or e-sports website/forum. Essentially, it’s a lightweight, FREE tier to today’s popular CMS platforms out there similar to WordPress, SquareSpace, and Shopify – but more centralized to the gaming industry as a whole.

That’s great, but what does this all mean one might ask?

Well, Enjin has been in business in Singapore since 2009. Since its launch, it has reportedly registered 18.7 million gamers with over 60 million global views per month. This rise in excellence in recent years calls for a new journey and a new chapter for Enjin – The Enjin Coin (ENJ).

Smart Cryptocurrency for Gaming

With the Enjin technology – cryptocurrency and virtual goods are fully customizable.

The Enjin Coin is a Ethereum-Request-for-Comments-20 (ERC-20) token backed by open-source Smart Contracts and Software Development Kits (SDKs). This is supported by Ethereum’s blockchain technology and platform to create a Smart Contract by creating tokens, managing transactions, and recording balances.

The Enjin Coin is one of many coins using the Ethereum technology, however, the main competitive advantage of the Enjin Coin is primarily focused on true item ownership – where game items are assigned to the player and the player’s Enjin Wallet.

This means players of a game can bring their game item with him/her outside of a single game and single server. This is what TRUE ownership is like!

For developers, enjoy an announced asset store partnership with Unity Technologies and the ability to implement trading fees (single item or multiple items) as a new way to monetize your game!

Read more information on the Enjin Coin (ENJ) at the Enjin Coin Official Homepage.