Zombieville USA 2

Zombieville USA 2


By: Mika Mobile


Zombieville USA 2 is a sequel to the popular game Zombieville USA. It’s a side scroller action pack shoot em up game with coop gameplay. Back in my early years as a unity3D developer in 2010 I’ve watch Mika Mobile grow from a 2 person team of talented couple to a now we’ll establish game studio that create an amazing piece of work. Zombieville USA 2, with it’s simple art delivered a game that’s both fun to play and entertaining to watch. In Zombieville USA 2 for unknown reason, your in a town infected by zombies. Depending on your level the infection increase causing zombies to spawn and attack you more frequently but have no fear you have plenty of weapons to help you fend of those zombies hordes. From a low power pistol to an advance Tesla gun rest assure there is plenty of ways to blow up the zombie hordes and with the added coop mode you can play with anyone.


It’s simple cartoon look and feel that makes this game fun and entertaining. I enjoy watching the zombie blow up and guts blast of and slicing in half make this game very entertaining but I can’t help the fact that in the background is repetitive scene. I keep saying to myself. “I swear I just pass that house 2 seconds ago.


It’s a shoot em up 2D game that’s pack allot of punch with it’s simple art style. The game offers enough challenge for the die hard gamer and easy enough for others. The game doesn’t have an ending or objective, you just get dump in a town full of zombies and you shoot em up.

FUN 4.0

As simple of a concept as it is the game is really fun and I enjoy every minute of it but with no clear objective there’s not much of anything to look forward to except saving enough money to buy the gun you want and upgrade it and buying perks for your toon.


Since it’s a side scroller with depths I find it difficult at times to shoot at zombies. It wasn’t a big deal until you get ejected out your vehicle in the middle of a horde.


I have a fairy high end device and I still notice the hiccups and lag. While arts and animation may be a strength of there’s but under the hood I’m sure there’s plenty of optimisation in the code that can be improve.


The sound and music is excellent. Things that I expect to hear I heard and it takes someone with detail mine too think of all the clicks and clacks.


Zombieville USA is fun especially when you want to vent out your anger at something. It’s a simple concept and easy game to play. Pick up Zombieville USA 2 today and try it out for yourself. Even though it has a price tag of $0.99 it still cost less than a bag of potatoe chip for months of work.